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Straight Finish Nailer vs. Angled Finish Nailer: Which is best?

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Straight Finish Nailer vs. Angled Finish Nailer

When it comes to choosing a perfect nailer, people often get confused. This happens because the differentiating points among different nailers (especially between straight finish nailer and angled finish nailer) are not straightforward nor they are easy to fathom. In truth, you have to focus more and distinguish several factors for consideration.

So, you can understand that selecting a finish nailer is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why this piece of writing will help you understand the legitimate facts about straight and angled finish nailers. Let us move forward and find out how you will choose the best one!

What are the Different Types of Nailers?

Before we head into the next section, we should know the different types of nailers. It will help us to distinguish each nailer. Besides, we can smoothly decide the best type of nailers for use.

Siding nailers

Typically, the siding nailers are highly sophisticated tools. People use this type of nailers to nail down the siding. The siding nailer is made with a big magazine. This magazine will help in carrying nails for siding.

Finish nailers

The finish nailers are known as brad or pin tools. These types of nailers are used to finish work. Because of it, they are small and come in a stick-type shape. The finish nailers are smaller than frame nailers are. Besides, they are built with small materials. You can hide these nailers with putt because they contain specialized and rounder equipment.

Pneumatic nailers

Pneumatic nailers fall into the general category of equipment because of the way these nails are driven. Normally, these nailers put the nails trough air pressure or pneumatic. This is why they are effective and they are widely used for high a precision job.

Coil type nailers

Instead of using pneumatic pressure, the coil type nailers use coils to perform tasks. Most professionals use coil type nailers as their preferred tools, as they do not drain too much muscle power. With each load, the coil type nailers can hold the biggest number of nails.

Palm nailers

Palm nailers are very popular because they are designed to fit inside of your palm easily. These nailers are useful to work in narrow places such as studs or ceiling joists where you cannot hold up a tool.

Straight Finish Nailer vs. Angled Finish Nailer: Which is best?

There are several differences between a straight finish nailer and an angled finish nailer. The terms ‘angled and straight’ refer to the angle of the nail’s magazine. When you think of an angled nailers, the first thing that comes to mind is having a better access to smaller areas.

Generally, the angled nailers are expensive, but they are accurate and shoot a thick nail. On the contrary, the straight nailers are bulky and inexpensive. They tend to shoot a thinner nail.<

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The angled finish nailers are uncanny. They provide you with more access to tighter spaces and corners. Normally, they are equipped with a small front end. As a result, they are perfect for trimming and nailing application where space is congested. Moreover, these nailers come with a sleek and angled design.

The resulting outcome of their design is accurate and simple nail replacement procedure. In addition, there is an angled driver in the nailer, which could help you in focusing accurately. The shape of the nail heads is D-shaped and this is, without a doubt, better than ‘T’ shaped heads of straight nailers.

However, the main downside of an angled finish nailer is the fat nails that it contains. Usually, the fat nails of straight finish nailers are thinner. The thick nails are expensive and give problems for finishing sophisticated tasks.

On the opposite side, the straight finish nailers are bulky and cumbersome. They are not renowned for offering access to tight spaces. As a whole, they lack accuracy and agility, which is unlikely in an angled finish nailer.


We have understood that angled finish nailers are more expensive than straight finish nailers are. The benefits of using the angled finish nailers will definitely surpass the cost factor (also it will outweigh the benefits of using straight finish nailer). So, using an angled finish nailer is more beneficial than using a straight finish nailer. Read more about the best framing nailer here.

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