TIG Welding Gloves A Guide To Safety

TIG welding gloves

Welding works cover a wide range of tasks and these tasks carry the risk of health and safety hazards. The most common risk of welding is injuring your necked skin due to sparks and molten metal fragments.

As a welder, while you are working with high temperature flame or molten metal, your hands are at risk of burning. So you need to protect your hands from the burning. A survey describes that 70% of the accident with hand injuries are due to not wearing gloves at the time of welding.

Safety gears are too important to protect you while welding. Welding glove is one of the safety equipment that provides you protection from injury. The welding glove will take good care of you against barbecuing your hands!

TIG welding gloves is a fantastic creation, protection against the high heat generated from your TIG welder machine, yet soft and flexible around the shape of your hand.

Safety is one of the most important details you have in your welding equipment. TIG welding glove is not only a safety feature but also an important factor how your welding looks after completion. Dexterity and durability are two very important elements when you choose TIG welding gloves.

What TIG Welding Gloves Are Made Of!

There are a number of different types of leather in welding gloves. Where different types of leather have different characteristics some are more flexible with less durability, while others can survive a nuclear war, but also are clumsy as a nuclear reactor.

Kidskin – a very good all-round glove, probably the best selling TIG welding glove due to its flexibility, thinness and durability. However, it is susceptible to heat and can therefore be an inferior alternative when heavy TIG welding is performed

Goatskin - are both relatively good durability and dexterity. As these types of gloves are light weight and flexible that’s why TIG welders usually prefer these gloves. This makes it a good alternative for heavy welding. These glove are water and oil resistant.

Deerskin – are very soft and comfortable, but resistance to abrasion can be considered low.

There are many other alternatives such as: kangaroo skin, pig skin, cow skin and elk skin, all with different characteristics that should be tested by the welder himself.

Seams made ​​of Kevlar thread are to be preferred. These will outlive the gloves. Some also prefer to have ergonomically sewn fingers. Do not assume that all TIG welding gloves made of kid skin and Kevlar seams are the same. There are differences from brand to brand, and this you will discover during your years as a welder.

Feel of the gloves is a very important factor. Assume that your filling material is placed on your welding table; of course you want to pick up the filler rod without picking off your gloves. You should be able to perform simple tasks without requiring removing them. You can test this by attempting to pick up a coin or some other small item when you try the gloves out. Recently Hellojuicer  visited our article and inspired us to write more article on safety.

Is the TIG welding gloves torn or holes is found, it’s recommended that you switch. Obviously, you want to protect yourself from burns but also protect the skin against UV radiation coming from the welding arc.

A small tip!

If you need to change welding gloves during an ongoing work, try switching to a similar glove. As you are familiar and usual with a specific types of gloves, we discovered that if anyone changed the brand and/or design of his gloves, the quality of his welding changed for the worse.Welding works cover a wide range of tasks and these tasks carry the risk of health and safety hazards. The most common risk of welding is injuring your necked skin due to sparks and molten metal fragments. For MMA Glove you can  visit  playcomparison.com. They have reviewed few top quality gloves for the consumer. 

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