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Top 11 Tips To Maintain Air Compressor

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Top 11 Tips To Maintain Air Compressor

After buying the best air compressor, you need to learn how to keep it in shape for using all the air tools. With that being said the standard Handyman’s compressors don’t require regular maintenance.

Moreover, you can easily ignore the maintenance work of your air compressors, but this slip-up of attention can cost you dearly. So, let’s have a peek at the below maintenance tips to keep the air compressors in tip-top shape.

1) Don’t Forget to Read and Follow the User Manual

User manual contains simple yet valuable information that need to be read carefully. There are lots of air compressors owners who actually don’t pay heed to the instructions in it and ultimately pay the price for their negligence.

However, these instructions can help you maintain the compressors, thus it can give a longer life to it. Other than this, a user manual provides some rules that are required to be obliged by and if you don’t follow these rules, then your product’s warranty can be termed as void. So, you must read and follow the user manual to protect your air compressor.

2) Draw off the Moisture from the Tanks

The air compressor receiver will accumulate all the moistures that are emitting from the compressed air and there will be big amount of moisture if you live in a humid climate.

Additionally, almost all the air compressor tanks consist of a valve that can be used to drain the collected moisture and it’s your job to drain all this moisture from the tank. However, before draining these moistures, make sure that you have released the air pressure from the tank.

3) Clean the Intake Vents

To intake the air, don’t force your air compressor to work hard because it will aid in losing the power of the compressor. What’s more, slowly but surely, your air compressor will lose its quality. Additionally, make sure that you have cleaned the intake vent. If you work on dirty places, then don’t forget to check them frequently.

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4) Stiff All the Fasteners

Since the air compressor is a running and vibrating machine it’s normal for it to lose the screws, nuts, and bolts frequently. So, you should check these things on a regular basis for keeping the air compressor in shape.

5) Check and Re-Check the Hoses Frequently

Hoses are an important element of air compressors and you need to check them once in a while. In addition to this, if the hoses have a crack or if they become rusty, then they would leak soon and put unnecessary strain on the other components of hoses. So, it is vital that you checked them properly and make sure to replace them timely. Check out the best air compressor hose via this link.

6) Examine the Safety Shutdown System

The compressor may possess a safety shutdown system and the functionality of this system is important. When the compressor is extremely hot, then this system would shut off the compressor. Also, when the compressor is running out of oil, this system will automatically shut down it.

So, you should examine this system every now and then to give it a long-lasting life. The air compressor pressure switch is the main agent for this task.

7) Test and Replace the Air Filters Accordingly

If the compressor filter is dirty, then it will let dirt come in from the outside and it will be much harder for the compressor to intake air as well. So, you have to check the filters often and need to ensure that it doesn’t catch a heavy build up of dust and dirt. Additionally, the filter needs to replace in every six months.

8) Clear Up the Fuel Tank

Once in a while, you have to clear the compressor fuel tank because it will make sure that your air compressor is in optimal operating shape. Besides, you have to clear out the engine so that the compressor doesn’t get any residual build up from the fuel. By doing so, you will preserve the life of your air compressor.

9) Assess the Compressor Oil

If your compressor is oil-lubricated, then you must assess the compressor on a day basis as it ensures that the machine is in better condition. After using the compressor for 500-1000 hours, you should change the oil to make sure that it has a maximum level of performance. If you wanna know more on how to find the correct oil for your compressors, check this

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10) Replace the Oil Separator Regularly

The oil separator is vital for the compressor as it reduces the excessive use of oil. Moreover, from time to time, you need to change it. So, to keep the compressor in perfect condition, you must change the separator element after 1,000 hours of operation.

11) Make Sure to Clean the Heat Exchangers

If the heat exchangers of the compressor get filthy, then they won’t lessen the operating temperatures and ultimately they will stop. So, clean them often and keep the operating temperatures low. It will surely enhance the lifespan of the compressor.


To sum up the article, I would like to say that if you follow these above tips, then your air compressor will get a long life. Also, the work that you do with the compressor will be much smoother and more accurate.

A well-run air compressor is a magnificent device for any workplace. So, make sure to follow these maintenance tips and keep the air compressor in first-class condition.

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