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Tool Box Essentials For All Your DIY

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Tool Box Essentials For All Your DIY

With the start of a New Year comes a new diet plan, maybe a new haircut and time to start thinking about all those DIY jobs you left unfinished.

Everyone looks forward to a positive New Year which makes it a great time to start thinking about improving your home, fixing everything that is broken and then relaxing knowing that all your work is done.

In order to do all this DIY, fix the leaks, replace the light bulbs, paint the shed and everything else, you need to make sure that you have all the essentials in your toolbox. These are tools that can be used in many different situations and here are just a few that your tool box needs:

Super Super Super Glue

Everyone knows the powers of super glue, the stuff that can be used to stick frames onto walls, fix broken vases and then end up sticking your hands together too. This is a must have for any tool box because it’s millions of different uses.

This means you can be fixing a vase, shoes, doors and anything else all with the same product (Just make sure not to get it on your hands and end up in a sticky situation).

Ball Bearings

One product normally overlooked but very useful for your DIY are Ball Bearings. Ball Bearings might sound like quite a strange product to have in your toolbox but the possibilities are truly endless with them. They can be used to fix wheels, computer mice, hinges and a range of other items.

These are essential when fixing wheels or joints in and around the house, especially after Christmas when the kids have received a number of different gifts that need a building like bikes or skateboards

A Trusty Hammer

Every great toolbox needs a great hammer. To be used for hammering in nails, putting up picture frames, building and fitting together two different products.

As a more permanent version of superglue, it is a tool box essential because you can not only fix all your DIY issues but you can put up new photos that you have been promising to do for three years.

Flathead and Phillips Screwdriver

For screwing in screws, tightening hinges, building complicated toys, or even fixing tap shoes, it is the Flathead and Philips Screwdriver you are in need of.

These tools are useful all over the house whether you are fixing drain pipes, doors, handles or anything else.

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