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Top Tools in Woodworking and Why You Need Them

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Wood comes from trees and trees take on a big, burly form. Very unlike the wooden furniture we often see at home or in different places.

So how do these trees transform into works of functional art? That’s woodworking for you.

A lot of effort and energy goes into the furniture we use day to day, so let’s discuss some of the most important tools woodworkers use to make their products.

Claw Hammer

Just like Thor’s hammer, a claw hammer is essential in every woodworker’s tool kit. This is one of the most basic tools you can see on every handyman’s tool belt.

This tool is used to pound nails into the wood to keep them intact. The claw on the other side of the hammer can be used to remove nails that were incorrectly hammered. Hammer is very important to every woodworker because this is what they use to fuse things, wood glue is not enough and nailing wood pieces together is very important. This can’t be done without the use of a hammer.

Tape Measure

Measurement is crucial to woodworking. Every piece of wood for certain furniture is measured down to the last millimeter. Every piece is planned and measured exactly so they all fit together.

Having an accurate tape measure plays a key role in the outcome of the product. Carpenters need this to measure all the wood they will need. This is also important to know where to cut and where to fuse. An ideal tape measure should measure up to 25 feet and should be retractable. This makes the workplace neat and makes the instrument easy to keep.

Assortment of Chisels

A chisel is a tool used in woodworking to cut and shape wood. The chisel is not just for wood carvers, this can also be used to smooth out joints and clean saw cuts. Chisels come in different sizes, depending on what it will be used for.

This tool is important because it is used to create the corners and carve designs which you can’t do with any other tools. There are fancy power tools you can use to replace the chisel, but a good old chisel still works better because you have complete control over it.

Block Plane

A block plane is used to smooth out the sides of a wood. It works by peeling off the outer layer of wood with the use of some sharp blades embedded on the bottom of the block plane. This tool is necessary for all woodworkers because this eases the edges of the wood pieces.

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A plain block plane should be in the arsenal of every man who works in the woodworking business. This tool offers versatility by flattening your work, or adding a curve or simply squaring the corners. Make sure the blade of your plane is sharp or it will just damage the wood.

Work Bench

Every painter has an easel; every writer has a writing desk. Just like artists, carpenters also need something to work on which is their workbench. The workbench is a table where carpentry or other mechanical work is done. Woodworkers need this because this is where the magic gets done.

This is where most of the work is finished. A workbench needs to be spacious enough to hold whatever it is you are doing; though the size of the bench will also depend on the size of the room where you will put it.


There are many kinds of saws and depending on what the woodworker is working on; different saws are available for different purposes. Before any real work gets done, wood needs to be measured and then it will need to be cut.

A saw is very important in the basic tools of a woodworker because without it, the woodworker will not be able to proceed with their projects. This is badly needed to have all the pieces of wood cut before it is planed and glued together with the other pieces. Some of the kinds of saws are circularchainsawsjigsaw and crosscut hand saw. Read this to have a rough comparison of the saw.


The drill is used to bore holes into the wood to drive in screws or to fuse things together. A very important tool because not everything could be drilled using a hammer and a nail. There are cordless drills that are handier but are more expensive and needs to be recharged often. Power drills have cords to be plugged in but they are less expensive and more powerful hence the term power drill.


Some of the things you will need as a woodworker are instruction manuals for each tools and safety equipment. These two may not be tools but they are just as important to a woodworker as the other tools mentioned. These non-tools will ensure that you use all your equipment safely and that you are protected from whatever hazards woodworking brings.

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