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Transforming Power to Energy with Air Compressor Pumps

Transforming Power to Energy with Air Compressor Pumps

What is an air compression pump? It is defined as an instrument that is able to transform gas or electric power into kinetic energy with the aid of compression or by pressurizing the air. There are 2 types of these so-called compressor pumps which are the oil less and the oil lubed.

Between this two, the oil-less compressor pump is much more advanced because it produces better air quality and works much more efficiently.  However, this type of compressor makes an awfully loud noise and is much more expensive than the oil-lubed type air compressor pump.

3 Primary Uses and functions of the Air compressor Pumps:

  1. Helps in supplying the power pneumatic tools with a large or moderate level of air pressure
  2. With the aid of compressor tanks, the pump fills in the tires
  3. Used to give out high-pressure clean air that is used to fill the gas cylinders

There are numerous companies that are involved in manufacturing or producing there compressor tanks. Although there are many, only a few are considered as the best manufacturing company and exporters of many kinds or quality styled compressor pumps. The chief purpose of these companies is to deliver excellent quality compressors at an affordable cost.

The tanks produced by these various manufacturers all undergo strict quality control required tests which makes the reputation and quality of the product enhanced further.

Type of Compressors

Nowadays, many companies provide a wide range of air compressors such as:

  • Single-stage air compressors – this type of compressor tank is ideal for small business use such as liquid transfer, cleaning and granting, spray painting, chemical industries, bore well, and many others.
  • Two-stage air compressors – are used in petrol pumps, garages, plastic industries, textiles etc.
  • Dry vacuum pumps – perfect for liquid transferring, food processing, paper handling and vacuum foaming
  • High-pressure air compressors – primarily used in laboratory test work, system and valve checking, and circuit breaking
  • Vertical type compressor – is used in companies or businesses where a huge quantity of air is needed.

In the United States, there are numerous companies that provide compressor services as well as spare parts. These companies are also able to give various types of compressors such as rotary screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, gas powered compressor, electric powered compressor, and duplex compressor.

They also provide many accessories like start-up kits, pressure switches, motors, lubricators, filters, carry tanks, air piping kit, and valves.

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