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11 Tricks to Get the Best Out of Your Air Compressor

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Have you bought your very first air compressor? Then congratulations. The machine is quite a decent invesment, whose price range between 100 -300$. Thus, you would want to make the best out of your beloved machine, by following these tested tricks & tips:

1) Don’t forget to go through the air compressor’s guidebook

This is important because it contains various instructions which, if followed will assist your compressor to acquire a longevity; otherwise there is a possibility of making your warranty null and void.

2) Get rid of the water and moist from the compressor tank

Make sure no water in the compressor tank

The tank will inevitably takes in water exist in the air as the compressor runs Most tanks contain a valve to get rid of the water that adds up day by day. You have to carefully maintain the valve regularly to avoid the water being too full. Also, before draining the valve, make sure to discharge the air pressure from the reservoirs.

3) Cleans the input opening

Do ensure that the input opening is clean and check it frequently, particularly if you work in the environment covering with dusts. Otherwise, your air compressor will run very inefficiently, waste a lot of power and skyrocket your electricity bill

4) Make sure all the fastener are tighten

Ensure to test out all the bolts, screw and nuts of your air compressor often and have a regular maintenance plan so you will not forget this. This is very important to help your air compressor runs as smooth as possible.

5) Regularly test the compressor air hose

The hose is what connect your compressor to your air tools, so it plays a very important role in ensuring your air tools runs normally. Therefore, maintaining the hose regularly to prevent them from becoming rotten, which would in turn affect other parts of the compressor. Don’t forget to replace the hose immediately if you find them damaged.

6) Periodically assess the safety shut off system

The air compressor might have an in-house security shut down, in case the machine gets too hot or the pressure level falls below a certain threshold. Make sure all the settings are all appropriate, and also test-drive if the system works as expect.

7) Test out and replace air filters after every six months

Dirty air filters will let unclean air inside the machine, thus building up dust. The compressor, therefore, will have to work even harder to run normally. That’s why you should test out your filters frequently and replace them in case you notice a weighty collection of dirt.

8) Make the fuel tank dirt free

It is mandatory for you to clean out the fuel tank periodically to guarantee best possible working conditions. You need to clean out the engine on your air compressor at least one time each year in order to eliminate any build up from the fuel which is left behind. This will safeguard your engine.

9) Verify and change the air compressor oil

After every 500 to 1000 hours of use, the compressor oil ought to be changed for the machine to run most effectively with lowest energy consumption. Also, only use the oil that designed specifically for air compressor, not any oil on the market could be used!

10) Substitute the separator element

The valve separator part needs to be replaced after every 1000 hours of function, in order to enable outstanding performance of your air compressor.

11) Clean the cool down exchangers

The heat exchanger helps to release heat from the machine and maintain a cool temperature in which the machine could operate. If this part breaks down, your machine will become very hot while running, which eventually reduce your air compressor proudct’s life.


The above are the most essential tips that I’ve gathered for you to maintain your air compressor performance. Practice this often, and your compressor will love you a lot, which in turn more work done for you.

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