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9 Useful Tips for Lengthen Your Air Compressor Life

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Useful Tips for Lengthen Your Air Compressor Life

If you have bought yourself a good quality air compressor you need to make sure you keep it in good condition to make it last as long as possible. Although there is no need to check it every day, scheduled maintenance every now and then will ensure you get the best from your air compressor.

List of Useful Tips to Follow

The Hoses are Crucial to Life of Your Air Compressor

Worn, cracked hoses cause unnecessary stress to your compressor. When corrosion occurs you should replace hoses immediately.

Water Build up in the Tank Should Always be Drained

Compressed air leaves moisture inside the tank and this needs to be drained off regularly. Before you open the drain valve you must release any air pressure already built up in the tank. Once you open the drain valve the moisture will be released quickly.

Always Look at The instructions!

It may be tempting to put the manual in a drawer and forget about it but taking the time to actually read it can prove invaluable. It will not only include handy hints and tips but will let you know what you need to do to keep the warranty intact.

The intake Vents Must Always be Clean

If the intake vents are not clean, the compressor will have to put extra energy into getting a good air supply. This, in turn, can make other parts break down in the future. These vents need to be checked on a regular basis.

Keep Tabs on The Filter

Just like the intake vents, you need to ensure the air filter is clean so that is works at its full capacity. Depending on usage the air filter should be changed twice a year.

A Clean Fuel Tank is a Happy Fuel Tank

A fuel tank regularly monitored and cleared of build-up will work better and for much longer.

Change the oil

Air compressors that use oil need to be checked frequently to make sure the levels are just right. A good marker is to change the oil for every 500 hours of use.

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Keep Nuts and Bolts Tight

Over time the vibrations of the compressor can cause any fastenings to loosen. Every so often go around the compressor checking for loose screws and bolts and tighten them. This will not only lengthen the life of the machine but make it quiet too.

Look After Your Separator Element

This useful part of the machine minimises the amount of oil it needs to use. Whilst very handy it will need replacing after about 1000 hours of use.


If you follow all these tips and take care of your air compressor, there is no reason why it can’t last you many years.

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