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10 Useful Tips for Using a Portable Drill Press

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Useful Tips for Using a Portable Drill Press

In order to convert a cordless drill into a drill press, a portable drill press is needed. It will be beneficial for creating perpendicular holes. This is also suited for using in the work site and it can be a viable option to floor or bench mounted drill press.

You can buy them for just 25 to 50 dollars (It is a real bargain of a deal since the full-sized units will charge more). So, to use the portable drill press, you need to learn how to work with a drill press properly. Here are 10 useful tips for using a portable drill press

Read the Owner’s Manual Carefully

It is important to read the owner’s manual carefully before using your new appliance. This will help you understand how to use your appliance and protect it from damage. By following the instructions in the owner’s manual, you can ensure that your appliance is in good working condition and that any problems can be resolved quickly.

Follow these Essential Safety Measures

  • Make sure that the work area is clean.
  • Avoid forcing the tool
  • Don’t forget t wear the eye protection
  • Avoid excessively loose clothes and jewellery
  • Avoid imbalance situations while working
  • Examine the parts regularly to ensure that they are not damaged and are in a perfect working condition.

Make the Drill Safe

Before start working, you have to make sure that the drill is completely attached with the shaft. Also, ensure that the bit is fastened to the chuck tightly. Plus, you need to make certain that the base plate is strongly protected to a bench with clamps or a vice. In case, you are working in the field, always use the drill press on a plain surface. All these will safeguard yourself as well as they will make sure that the drill is creating straight holes.

Create a Demo Hole

Before you start drilling, it is advisable that you make a demo hole on a piece of wood. It will allow you to have a perfect piece of finish wood.

Place the Depth of Hole

It is very useful when you make recurring holes of the same depth. To do this, you need to put the drill press at the edge of a workbench. Afterwards, you have to press the drill down until it reaches the desired depth. Now, tighten the depth stop thumb screw.


At the time of using countersinking, you need to ensure that you are using a countersink bit. Next, you have to adjust the depth of drilling to the necessary countersinking depth.

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Angle Drilling

To perform angle drilling, you are required to alternate the guide bars as well as align the index mark bar holders. Additionally, you need to use the angle reference marks on top of the base plate to pick the preferred angle. Now, just drill by the drill guide flush and wood to make a hole.

Edge Drilling

In order to place the drill centrally on the edge of a piece of material, you need to put it on the edge to be drilled. Now, swing the base plate until it gets in contact with the workpiece.

Drilling Round Stock

To hold round stock, you can use V-blocks while drilling.

Edge Sanding

You can mount several drill presses on the bottom of a bench for edge sanding. These can also do edge sanding while holding in your hand.

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