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5 Interesting Uses for an Air Compressor

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Interesting Uses for an Air Compressor

An air compressor is a versatile tool to have around. With a few simple adjustments and accessories, it can be used for so many other uses that the average person will be shocked.

While most of these are simple enough for the average user, there are some caveats and cautions, especially with the larger and more powerful air compressors. Always keep safety in mind, and proceed with caution no matter what tool you are using.

Automotive Uses

When people think of an air compressor, many think of the automotive uses, such as using it to bring tires back to their proper pressure, but there are other uses for the air compressor as well, such as:

  • Pneumatic tools. Some tools require more power than the average person’s hand can generate. These tools hook to the air compressor and use air to generate more power.
  • Refinishing a car requires a lot of hard work and a steady hand. An air compressor can be used to power a paint gun, which allows you to apply a smooth finish.

Fun and Games

An air compressor can be one of the best tools to have around for various playtime uses. These include:

  • Blowing up children’s toys, such as bouncy houses and other inflatables. Remember to make sure that you are careful because too much pressure may cause the inflatable to explode. Do not use the air compressor to inflate balloons.
  • Creating snow when Mother Nature does not cooperate. There are several websites that will take you through the step-by-step instructions for creating snow as well as the accessories that you will need to use. Remember, the most important factor here will be the right temperatures. If it is not cold enough, you will be making ice or, worse, a slushy mess.

Household Uses

If you have an air compressor in your garage, then you are set for a number of uses in and around the house.

  • Power wash the sides of your house, the sidewalks, decks, and other areas with your air compressor and the right attachments; there is no need to buy a separate power washer.
  • Use your air compressor to take the place of a leaf blower and blow leaves and other yard debris away.
  • If you have a wet basement – you can use the air compressor to move the water to a drain or to help dry floors, carpet or walls.

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No matter what kind of hobby you have, an air compressor can be a great and beneficial tool to have. From woodworking to metal and other materials, you can use the air compressor for tasks both big and small.

  • An air compressor can be used to power a number of tools, including power sanders, nail guns, and more.
  • Use the air compressor to clean debris and dust from tiny crevices on projects that you are working on.
  • As with the automotive and other suggestions, you can use the air compressor to apply paint to projects with more precision than you might get from a brush.

Sports and Miscellaneous Uses

Finally, there are a number of things that you can use the air compressor for in the world of sports.

  • Carefully inflate sports balls faster than you would with a regular air pump.
  • Use the air compressor to get a fire started faster. This must be done with great care, but once the fire has been started, use the compressor to gently create more heat.
  • The most obvious sports use for the air compressor is with paintball guns. You can use the compressor to re-pressurize the guns and CO2

The Key to Buying and Using an Air Compressor

All of these uses rely on having the right size air compressor plus the correct accessories. There are several different sizes and types to choose from. If you are planning on making the most out of your purchase, it makes sense to buy a larger size with more pounds of pressure per inch. If you will only use it for one or two things, buy the size that will give you the best results for those uses.

Remember, if you have the right accessories, the air compressor can be used to replace a number of other tools and items. You can also make yourself the envy of the neighborhood with the tool that everyone will be trying to borrow or at least trying to use from time to time.

No matter what size air compressor you buy, make sure that you are using it correctly and safely. Remember, there is a lot of pressure involved with an air compressor.

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