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Top 6 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Shakes

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Why Your Car Shakes

Everything seems fine during the first few months after you bought your car. All of a sudden, you feel small shakings that gradually evolves into strong vibrations on your steering wheel and seat.

It is normal for a car to vibrate and luckily, the cause is very easy to identify. Although in rare cases, why your car shakes may need to be checked professionally because it may lead to a more serious problem.

We listed six possible serious reasons why your car shakes and the affected car parts. You can read more information by checking out the site of Phillip Goodman or visit the site on the reasons why your car shakes.

Bent Axles

Bent Axles
Bent Axles

Running over minor humps might feel like it is normal and won’t do any damage to your car. It is somehow true but you have to know that even a small accident can harm your axle.  A small bent in this significant part of your car may lead to strong shaking.

The constant Velocity joint or CV joint is located at the end of the axle. Your car will have a serious shaking once those joints worn out. Seek a professional mechanic to help you diagnose the problem properly.

Brake Rotor is Warped

When the shaking only takes place when you step on the brakes and stops when the car stops, the possibility is that your car’s brake rotor is warped. The rotor of your car is located inside the car’s wheel.

When a brake is pressed hard against the rotor, it will stop or slow down the car. With the help of friction, the rotors will wear out sooner or later when used over time. The vibration of your car is caused when the surface of the rotor is no longer even.

Wobbly Wheel

Wobbly Wheel
Wobbly Wheel

According to Brian England, an uneven tire or loose tire is the main reason why car shake. If this is not solved as early as possible, there is a chance that a wobbly wheel will lead you to a serious accident.

If the tires are properly installed, then the problem might be the bearings of the wheels. Even though wheel bearings are created to last long enough, there are drivers who do not care at all and drive carelessly.

Stuck Brake Caliper

The oddest thing that could happen to cars is to have a stuck brake caliper. Although this is a rare case, it also causes shaking of the vehicle. If the caliper is stuck, your vehicle will vibrate if it reached a specific speed limit of 40 to 50 mph.

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Having a bad brake caliper should be replaced as soon as possible. Brake calipers are those things that hold the brakes of your car. If it is installed badly, then it will cause shakings that could lead to an accident if ignored.

Broken Radiator Fan

broken radiator fan will make your car uneven. Even if the fan still works, you cannot deny the fact that it will wobble and as you accelerate faster, the shake gets stronger. It is because spin of the fan is unbalance where one side is heavier than the other.

Having a broken radiator fan is really dangerous where it can lead to serious car damage. You should see to it that if your car radiator fan is broken, fix or change it right away.

Loose Engine Mount

Engine mounts keep the car’s body and the car’s engine attached together. Almost every car manufactured today contains at least four or more engine mounts. Having a loose engine mount will give enough space in your engine to shake. Replace an engine mount if it gets busted or deteriorates.


It is advisable for everyone to know the six possible reasons why does the car shake. Once you know how the game is played, you will never worry about driving again. Be sure to double check the performance of your car before going on a run.

You may let it start for 5-10 minutes before going on a run to heat the engines. If the vibration is felt on the first 5 meters, think for the possible damage already. Not all vibrations should be taken seriously. Take note that some vibrations are just caused by the bumps on the road.

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