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Why Take Up Woodworking As A Hobby This New Year?

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Woodworking Hobby

According to a recent study, we are spending almost 23 days a year on our smartphones. This might not sound like a lot but it does make you wonder what fun you would be getting up to if you weren’t spending all your time looking at your smartphone.

This New Year it’s time to put down your phone, move away from the TV and find a new hobby for you to try. And, if you haven’t got any ideas why not try woodworking?

Here are five reasons Woodworking is the right new hobby for you:

Helps With Creativity

The best reason to take up a hobby is to help you become more creative. Once you have bought the wood, woodwork machinery and the extra bits for your new woodworking hobby, you will be ready to let your creative juices flow.

Creative woodworking
Creative woodworking

Work out what kind of woodwork you enjoy doing, which machines work for you and you could even make this into your own little business.

You can draw out some designs for chairs, shelves, tables, planters and a range of other products.

Clears Your Mind

Hobbies are great at clearing your mind after a hard day at work. They can distract you from all that is going on in your head and make sure that you focus on something other than work for a little while.

After a full day’s work you can make woodworking a way of forgetting about the day and help you to distance yourself from any worries by focusing on creating something positive instead.

Reduces Stress

As well as clearing your mind, woodworking can help reduce stress. This works well because it doesn’t have to be perfect but whatever you have worked on is something you have worked on yourself. This means you can see all the time and effort has paid off.

With hobbies like this, stress relief comes from focusing your mind away from work or other troubles and towards a positive outlet for all that stress.

Make Something Useful For Your Homes

Once you have perfected your technique and worked out exactly how to work the machines, woodworking is a great hobby because it can provide you with useful products at the end.

You could realize you need a new set of drawers, a shelf or dining table and instead of going out to purchase one you could make it instead.

Something Useful For Your Homes woodworking
Something Useful For Your Homes

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This means you have the freedom to create your own designs, work on it until its perfect and know that it is a great quality piece of furniture when it is complete.

Gets You Off Your Phone

The reason everyone should take up a hobby, or sport is to make sure you are spending less time on your phone. Do you ever wonder just what you have missed by spending all your time looking down at your phone? Now is the time to find out.

Dedicate an hour of your time each night to concentrating on your hobby or project and see how stress-free you feel once you stop looking at your phone so often.

Have a great new year full of hobbies, woodworking and no mobile phones!

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